We offer various kinds of services to our buyers and see to it that they are completely satisfied with the kind of work we do for them we take care of all the necessary steps to ensure quality and meeting up of specified deadlines. We live up to our commitments against all odds.

Sourcing: With India being a place with varied levels of craftsmanship, we offer you best of our services to source out of India

Research Information: we have studied the evolution in Indian handicrafts designed and crafted mostly by handy work of master craftsmen in there field of art form, now mixed with latest materials and machineries to achieve more contemporary/modern art form into our day-to-day life products

Product Development: we welcome all kinds of sample development aided by sketch/drawings or real life samples which you visualize to be part of your collection. We virtually materialize your vision.

Production planning and follow up: we keep track of production on a regular basis with a motive of ensuring timely deliveries which in today's business is a key aspect to be in the competitive market.

Quality control: Starting from the very beginning we follow different cycles of quality checks from first production sample approvals followed by pre, mid and then the final inspections are done in order to ensure quality of the product. Followed by incremental Quality check process with tried and tested form of materials/process. Most importantly assuring quality packaging of the product, which is of great importance to make Sure the safety of the product, so they are least venerable to breakage during the transit.

Shipping coordination and consolidation: keeping in view the importance of timely deliveries proper coordination is needed between shipping agent/shipping line/vessel schedule/custom Authority, keeping follow up on every stage in routing of a shipment. We ensure you of having full track/information regarding your shipment from time to time. It is of great importance to have all the consignments consolidated to be shipped together which actually prevents chances of damage during shipping as in the case of LCL cargo which costs you to be more expensive and less efficient.

Design Solutions: we have a creative team of designers well capable of visualizing in accordance to latest market trends, wherein you can just send your themes for next seasons along with color schemes and let us assist you in generating designs by providing you with design suggestions.